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     Sacalin Island is a newly formed island in the Black Sea, right off the coast of the Romanian Danube Delta, off the Sfântu Gheorghe branch.

     Initially Sacalin was made up of two smaller islands, Sacalinu Mare (Greater Sacalin) and Sacalinu Mic (Lesser Sacalin). In time, however, the two merged into one continuous landmass. The Romanian government has declared the area an ecological reserve and no settlement is permitted on the island.

     The island has a great variety of birds, mammals and reptiles. Here are the largest colonies of the Common Tern and Dalmatian Pelican, the island being the main area for nesting, feeding and wintering of the species.

     In the island has been reviewed a number of 229 species of birds. In the island's waters there are rare fish, sturgeon, and rare plants such as marsh sprouts large canary.

     There are two areas where the Danube Delta advances into the Black Sea. One starts from Sfântu Gheorghe towards Sahalin Island and in several years will probably close in and become a lake. Second one is at north of Sulina.

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